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A typical stay

During the day, your pooch can look forward to having a great time socialising with friends in our play area or in the tranquil vicinity of the Seletar Hills Estate. He or she will be walked or let out for potty breaks at least once a day (inclusive in the hotel rates).

Meals & medication

In your companions' interest, we recommend keeping to their stipulated meal times as closely as possible during their stay with us. To prevent unnecessary digestive stress and upset tummies, it would be best if you could provide us with their food. Otherwise, we will serve frozen raw food from Primal Foods or dehydrated raw food from Honest Kitchen at a surcharge. If required, snacks will be given two to three times a day depending on your companion's health status, activity level and age. Any prescribed oral and topical medications will be administered with no additional charge.


Your companion will be housed in a 24-hour air-conditioned environment during its stay with us. As such, we recommend that you bring along its favourite blanket and bedding to help him or her adjust to the temporary abode. Alternatively, fresh cotton towels are provided daily in standard boarding room and premium rooms for their comfort.

Vaccinations & hygiene practices

All canine guests are required to be vaccinated up-to-date for rabies, bordetella, parvo, distemper or proof of titers. A flea & tick (F & T) and heartworm medication is strongly advised but not compulsory as all companions will be examined upon arrival and thereafter sent for a mandatory fleas & ticks dip at check-in.

Our housing area is fogged weekly and an in-house formulated neem spray is used on all companions to deter flea and tick infestations. Your companions will also be given All Pet Purrfection Immune Therapeutic serum to boost their immune systems and Bach Rescue Remedy Flower Essence to help them cope with stress, unless advised otherwise by yourself.

Companions staying with us for at least three days will enjoy complimentary shampoo sessions. Guests staying for minimum 15 days will receive a basic style session on top of their shampoo sessions.

We will also test your companion's temperament to determine its eligibility for group activity. To qualify, he or she must not display any aggressive tendencies towards other dogs or persons.

Check-In & Check-Out

Please note that our check-in time is 3pm to 6pm and check-out is by 12pm. A surcharge applies for late check-out.

Food & Walks

Charges are applicable for food served to your companion. Additional walks (20 min) other than the one already included in the daily rates will be charged separately upon request.

Flea & Tick Check-In/Out Procedure

For your companion's comfort and health, we have introduced rigorous measures necessary to maintain our parasite-free environment. In addition to the weekly fogging procedure, it is mandatory for all guests checking in to go through a flea & tick dip treatment. Similarly at check-out, we will also perform thorough checks to ensure that your companion is flea and tick free.


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Cancellation Policy

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What is included in the daily rate?

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/ Daycare

Running an errand or need some time off but can't bear to leave your animal companion unattended to at home? Place them in our good care and enjoy peace of mind while you are away. Our daycare services is available from 8am to 7pm, subject to confirmed bookings.




The Petopia experience starts from the moment your animal companion leaves home, even before they reach Petopia.

Not only will our animal guests be safely transported in well-ventilated steel cages, they will also travel in total comfort and hygiene in our animal transport vehicle specially retrofitted with a dedicated air conditioner in the rear compartment. The compartment comes complete with a heat insulating lining, ensuring a clean, tick-free and comfortable ride to Petopia.

Transport services can be arranged with a transport fee top-up* regardless of location pickup and dropoff outside peak hours (before 9am and after 7pm everyday) to our Pet Hotel.


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